NYC Health + Hospitals Ethics Network

Who We Are

  • Founded in 1992 by the late Dr. John B. Corser, the Health + Hospitals Ethics Network is composed of clinicians and administrators dedicated to patients' rights and the ethical treatment of patients at New York City's public hospitals.

Components of the Health + Hospitals Ethics Network include:

  • Clinical ethics consultation (CEC) services at all Health + Hospitals affiliated hospitals and long term care facilities. For a description of issues addressed in ethics consultations, please see the ethics paragraphs.
  • The Clinical Ethics Consultation Project (CECP), an innovative teaching, self-study, and quality improvement program for ethics consultants.
  • Ethics committees at all Health + Hospitals affiliated hospitals that assist with ethics policy development and ethics education.
  • The Health + Hospitals Bioethics Council, comprised of all Health + Hospitals ethics committee chairs. The Bioethics Council offers corporate guidance to hospital ethics committees.
  • The John B. Corser Memorial Bioethics Symposium, an all-day ethics educational program presented annually by and for the Health + Hospitals community. Click here to sign up for this year's symposium on May 8, 2018.

Algorithms for resolution of difficult ethics issues

New York State Brain Death Guidelines and Health + Hospitals Corporate Brain Death Policy

  • The latest revision to the NY State brain death guidelines can be found here. A single, comprehensive brain death exam and apnea test has replaced the "2 exams, 6 hours apart" routine we used to follow.
  • To comply with the NY State guidelines, Health + Hospitals has issued a corporate brain death policy that has been implemented at all Health + Hospitals facilities.

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