A shower screen ‘exploded’ without warning leaving a woman astonished

A shower screen ‘exploded’ without warning, leaving a woman astonished after she heard a loud bang in her home.

Vicki Jones heard the sound and thought her young kitten had knocked something over upstairs.

But after deciding to investigate, she was met by a sea of glass that covered her bathroom floor.

BirminghamLive reports the shattered glass had spread so far there were chips in the door frame and mirror.

Luckily, no one was in the room at the time when the incident happened last month.

Vicki, a 41-yer-old police officer, said she dreads to think what could have happened if anybody was near it when it shattered.

She said: “We were in shock to start with.

“We have a kitten and thought he’d knocked something over in there initially, not even considering the shower screen could’ve exploded.

“When I opened the door and saw the glass everywhere I was worried he was hurt, but quickly realised he wasn’t in there.

“It has really shaken us all up to think what could’ve happened if anyone had been in there.

“It’s only a small room and has taken chunks out of the wall and mirror frame.

“The mirror is above the sink. The shards of glass could’ve gone in someone’s eyes if they went that high.”

Vicki, who also works as a Tropic ambassador, has since contacted her builder who installed the shower screen in November 2020.

He told her that the supplier has since gone out of business and there is no way to identify the manufacturer as there’s ‘no markings on the screen.’

In an email to Vicki, they said: “He [a supplier] did speak to various manufacturers and they all said the same to him that it’s an anomaly and cannot identify the actual cause of the glass shattering.

“We can speculate and assume the causes, but can’t be proven.”

Over a month since the shower screen shattered, Vicki is still finding pieces of glass in the bathroom.

She said: “We’re still finding bits of glass now, they got everywhere.”

It is not the first time the Mirror has reported on shower screens shattering.

In May last year, a woman described how the screen in her bathroom suddenly exploded like someone had “shot” it with a gun.

Carrissa Vevar said the random “explosion” happened on the Sunday before Christmas, and she “couldn’t bear to think” what might have happened if her children were in the room.

The Cheshire woman said the “horrendous” noise sounded like someone had shot the glass with a gun.

Carrissa claimed she had bought her bathroom from Victorian Plumbing, based in Liverpool.

She posted on Facebook : “This happened Sunday night to a bathroom bought by Victorian Plumbing.

“I can’t even bear to think right now what would of happened if my kids were in there at the time of the glass explosion.

“It sounded like someone shot the glass with a gun, horrendous.”

Victorian Plumbing said the company was “sorry” to hear about the shower screen but reassured customers it is made from “toughened safety glass”.